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Alexander Kluge

Alexander Kluge sees himself as an author. He inspires his readers, listeners and viewers with his films, texts interviews and much more besides. On the occasion of his 85th birthday, Museum Folkwang is presenting an exhaustive exhibition destined to visualize the core of his multimedia oeuvre. Kluge forges links and then explores through them what makes human beings tick, how we are unique and stubborn, capable of judgement, to what extent history and stories are stored within us, what felt and what real options for action we have, and why our biographies are a currency.

Kluge has made countless new films especially for the exhibition, among them the 5-channel projection entitled “Pluriversum”, which revolves around film history. Moreover, for the first time Kluge offers us a glimpse into his extensive archive of short film sequences – on which he draws to create new films.


At our archive exists is a film docmentation of the exhibition "Pluriversum" at the Museum Folkwang in Essen from 2017 and an interview with Alexander Kluge.


Freeze frame from the interview with Ralph Goertz

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