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Alexander Calder

The american artist Alexander Calder counts to one of the best known artists after the second world war and is one of the pioneers in kinetik and abstract art.

The Kunstsammlung Northern Westfalia opens an exhibition on Alexander Calder from September, 6th with a focus on his time in Paris and the Avant-Garde. Together with Piet Mondrien, Hans Arp, Theo van Doesburg and Marcel Duchamp, Calder was part of the famous Avant-Garde group "Abstraction Création".

The film by Ralph Goertz ALEXANDER CALDER - AVANT-GARDE IN MOTION, in cooperation with the K20 and the Calder Foundation, New York, follows Calders footsteps in Paris, New York and Roxbury and will be published as part of the official catalogue and the IKS DVD Edition.
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