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Bettina Rheims

The French photographer Bettina Rheims is distinguished by its very feminine and respectful look at their models. Her specific type of staging and lighting are typical of the sometimes volatile photo-acting work. Bettina Rheims gained international breakthrough in 1992 with her famous series "chambre close".
In a long interview Bettina Rheims spoke openly about their relationship to photography and the specificity of the female perspective.

The project GENDER STUDIES by Bettina Rheims starts primarly with a facebook channel, where she wanted to come in contact to people who feel very special in the context of their gender. After some interviews Bettina Rheims decided to choose 30 of them to create her new series gender studies.

At the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf Bettina Rheims presented these photographs the first time and in addition with a sound installation by Frédéric Sanchez. In that very intimate interview Bettina Rheims talks about her identity as a woman and an artist.

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