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Samuel Henne

something specific about everything

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend

31 Jan. - 2 Feb. 2014


As part of the Duesseldorf Photo Weekened 2014 the IKS presented "Samuel Henne - something specific about everything" at the NRW-Forum (curator: Ralph Goertz). Samuel Henne (*1982) studied art and photography at the Art University in Braunschweig and finished his master class in 2010 as a master student of Dörte Eißfeldt.

The exhibition was curated by Ralph Goertz.



Detaching himself from the traditional concept of photography, which for a moment captures with the ability of photography to be able to grasp reality, is generally used for authenticity and objectivity, Samuel Henne uses the medium to create "new" images by using of photography. The images of the serial work "something specific about everything" channeze between photographic, graphic-painterly and sculptural appearance and draw connections across the boundaries of the artistic media. The motif of still life is as much a reverberation as Warhol's colorful screen prints.




In the staged, sculptural arrangements of the paintings, aspects of surface and spatiality, color composition and image construction are explored by the possibilities of photography. In the context of his work, Henne draws on photographic-theoretical and art-historical questions and developments within with the question of the origin of a work - whether photographed or object-based - as well as the far-reaching connections between photography and sculpture.



works © Samuel Henne

Text © Galerie Karin Sachs, München

Photos © IKS-Medienarchiv

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